Should I ask this guy out?

I want to, but I also dont want to. We re more acquaintances than we are friends, so I don t know him that well. He'll soon be going to live in another state, so I feel like a long-distance relationship with someone I m not ultra-close with would work out. And the entire time I ve known him (including now) I ve been trying to work out my unresolved feelings for this other guy (who rejected me, and I m not sure if I m over him or not), and so I feel like it wouldn t be right for me, personally, to rush into this without allowing myself the full time to heal because I think I d be even more hurt if I did rush into it before I was ready and things didn t work out with this guy. And I feel like I m in a position right now where my desperation to be in a relationship is being exaggerated because these two friends of mine recently started dating and they re so cute together and I m slightly jealous because I want what they have and I ve never gotten that.

But I do really, really like him. He's cute, and we have similar interests (like math and computer geek type stuff). I really like talking to him. Lately, I can't stop thinking about him. I'm losing sleep because I can't stop thinking about him. There was this one time where we made eye contact for a split second and I then smiled and looked away and it felt cute and flirty. Which makes me really want to ask him out despite all of the doubts I'm having. I both feel like I'm ready, and feel like asking him out would be the worst decision ever.


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  • Ha. I already know what you're going to do. I know it. You know it.

    Now c'mon. Say it. What are you going to do?

    • I don't know! What am I going to do?

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