I like his friend better. Now what?

I met a guy off tinder that I thought was ok looking but didn't like more than a friend. The second and last time we hung out, he brought his friend who is waaayy hotter and I get along with him way more, we have so much in common.

problem is I know it would be pretty shitty of me if I pursued it. They are best friends but I know his friend has interest in me. What should I do?


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  • Go for what you want. It may hurt the first guy, but he'll get over it eventually. It's only Tinder, after all.


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  • I may sound like a bitch but just explain to the first guy that you and his friend are interested in each other and that you're not going to date his reins to make him jealous. If you and his friend are interested in each other, go for it, try it out.


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