My boyfriend is late for our date and refuses to pick up his phone?

OK my boyfriend is 3 hours late for our date already. I called him 3 times he didn't answer it. I text him (after he's one hour late) and he told me give him 30 mintues. Now it's 3 hours already he told him to pick up his damn phone he said "No he won't". WHAT? Is he serious? Where the f*** he's at? Late for a date and won't pick up the phone? We use an app that can locate each other, I just checked and he's at another restaurant pretty far away from here. What's he possibly doing there? What am I suppose to do now he refuses to pick up his damn phone and won't tell me why he's late!


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  • Maybe he is struck somewhere
    if this is the first time then let it slide, if its the second then make him understand that its not right and if its the third then you need a new man

    • This is the 100th time already! Every time he said he's sorry and it's part of his personality of always be late. I need to give him some time to fix it. Lame excuse!

    • Find a new guy

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  • If you cannot figure out for yourself that he is with someone else at the other restaurant, then there is not much we can say.

  • Sounds like you've been a bad girl. What did you do?

    • Nothing. I came to our date place 15 min early to wait for him, only to wait 3 hours and counting...

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