Is it a good idea to talk about height with women?

Especially if the women are taller and I want to know what she thinks of shorter guys. This is important because I don't want to be friend-zoned.

So can I say something like "Hey, how tall are you?", "You're so tall.", "Would you date a guy who's a bit shorter than you?"


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  • Why don't you focus on your good traits and work to get to know her before you foist your insecurities on her. Nicole Kidman married tom cruise didn't she? So don't worry so much about your height.

    • You made a good point, but Tom Cruise is a movie star, and he's taller than me

    • Well Nicole Kidman is a movie star too. I don't think she was swayed by his money or fame when she has plenty of her own. But do you see what I'm saying?

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  • I don't think it's a good starter to ask "hey how tall are you", it's better to start naturally, like , "hi, you are beautiful and tall, are your father and mother all very tall" something like that

    Can you please help me here? thank you

  • I would find it annoying. Yes, I'm tall. I know that. No need to point it out. I can teel you how tall I exactly am but you better now answer ""Wow you're huuuuge" or something like that.

    You can ask if she would date shorter guys. It is quite direct though. Don't ask that immediately

    • Isn't it good to be tall? Like compliment?

    • It is just the way I am. If people constantly point that out, it becomes annoying.

  • Im a tall girl, and i really dont like the idea of going out with a shorter boy. Start your conversation in a friendly way, and when you get to know each other ask her how tall she is, but dont ask her if she would date a shorter guy. This might be understood wrong. I've just had a situation like this and the boy didn't succeeded with these questions.

    • tall girl is like short man, why not going out?

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    • I am tired of talking to you

    • That seems like an assholish thing to say. Not sure how to reply to that or what I did to deserve that

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