Does this mean he doesn't really want to see me?

A guy I've been on 2 dates with he went to his family for Easter and he told me he was going on Thursday last week so i asked after our date if he wanted to meet on wensday and he said he was unsure if he was going home on wensday but he would let me know.
He texted me on wensday explaining how his brother is going home and he is going with him and we can't meet but we can take a rain check on the pool playing, and he wished me a nice Easter .

My brother said it was him rejecting me because he sent a long and detailed and nice message.. is this true?


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  • It could be him rejecting you, it could also just be a rain check.
    If he likes you and wants to see you again he will contact you soon, if he doesn't contact you anymore it's pretty clear that he has no further interest in you.
    I've been told by guys on this site that if a guy likes a girl he will do anything in his power to see her again, so i guess you'll find out soon enough...


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