Do you like being called by a "pet name"?

Bae, honey, sweetie, or a nickname are pet names. Do you like being called by one, or do you prefer being called by your real name? Is it more appealing that your boyfriend/girlfriend has a pet name for you or less?
  • Yes, it is a turn on.
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  • No, it makes him/her seem not interested.
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  • I'd prefer to be called by my real name.
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  • My wife always uses pet names for me, so did all my exes, wouldn't say it was a 'turn on' but it is nice, kinda their way of being possessive and letting the world know you're theirs.

    Now bedroom nicknames are a different matter, some of those turned me on a lot, not to mention being a nice ego boost, lol

    • Yeah haha. My boyfriend calls me "little mama". I don't know how I feel about that, haha

    • In the bedroom? That's a strange one. I call my wife 'minx' in bed. She likes that because it usually means she's about to get a spanking. Sorry, probably more information than you needed!

    • No just regularly lol

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  • It's ok for a while, but it gets irritating if someone goes on forever using a pet name and eventually FORGETS your REAL name!

  • Yes i like to use pet names and i like to be called pet names
    it's very cute i like Babe, Baby, Baby cakes, Sweet cheese

  • Yes, I love it but I will give that chance only one person for sure.


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