Why are guys so weird?

Went on two dates with a guy and it went well, he even said on our second date that he wants to go to the movies tomorrow and he was going to fix the tickets, and i was like great see you tomorrow, than next day he says he could not meet he had to take care of his brother, that was okay i was a bit tired but he asked if i wanted to see him tomorrow and we could eat before the movie but i said i was busy i had a friend coming over but what about sunday? and he never replied..its been 2 days since ..

I mean i can't text him again and be like hey awnser me,..
He replied to my last text saying have a great time with your friend but never awnsered my question so i said thanks and asked again.. and since no reply


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  • "I mean i can't text him again and be like hey awnser me,.. " hahaa! that's so funny

    anyways pretty sure he ignored you intentionally. he probably didn't like the way you responded OORRRR he took it as you trying to let him off easy, maybe he has some dumb ass friends feeding him bullshit advice.

    • per your update, he did reply? but didn't answer your question, he got butthurt, most likely. it wasn't what he was expecting.

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    • tell him you want to hang out but also mention that you specifically want to see him, like as if there is a kind and warm reason why you want to see him.

    • don't say "I specifically want to see you", that's just the basis of what you have to get across, modify it to sound better.

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  • Maybe he feels like you blew him off because he blew you off. That spells insecurity to me if that's true.


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  • Sunday was Easter so he mightve been with family all day.

  • Maybe he was busy, and why can't you text him again?

  • Give it a few more days, if he doesn't reply message me and I'll watch a movie with you x


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