Who all feels stuck in this situation right now: He/She wants me, but I want him/her but they want them?

There is this guy who is crazy about me. he's willing to go near and far for me, but Im not into him though. I'm into this other guy who I can't tell if he's into me or not. I'm not sure how his parents feel about us being together, so I haven't told him how I feel. However, I think he's into this other girl, but she has a boyfriend. Man, We all feel stuck waiting in a long line of torture
  • Yep thats me! (feel free to share your story)
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  • Who's on first?

    • What do you mean? there's a guy who likes me, but I like someone else, and that someone else likes someone else but he could possibly still like me too

    • That is much clearer, you should just say that instead of all the he/she him/her they/them. Well, as for the guy you like how do you know he really likes that other girl with the bf? It is most likely a crush at this point. IF you really like him go for it! Chances are he will return your feelings and you can go out. If not wouldn't it be better to know than wondering? If you wait then you risk him finding someone else or the girl he likes breaking up with her bf, and then he will swoop in and sweep her off her feet.

    • Oh goodness you're right! Thank you

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  • So you like a guy who doesn't want you?

    • Well he flirts with me, but its clear that he liks this other girl too. So I'm not sure how he feels. He always messes with me kn class but I don't know

    • So he's not serious about it

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