When a guy only has guy friends?

Wat does it mean when a guy only has guy friends and no gal friends - I mean this guy I know is the proverbial bad boy who has one night stands and flings but yet has no gal friends? But tons of guy friends? What does it mean? Does it mean he doesn't consider being friends with girls or something - either they are girl friends or nothing? Or girls keep away from him?


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  • It doesn't mean anything there is nothing unusual about a guy just having male friends especially a young guy.

    • But isn't it odd if the guy like talks to no girl in college and no girl in college talks to him and no gal or girl friends from college- and can only hook up with someone outside college - what does that say?

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    • I agree so. But I later learned that he has a thing for me and was way too inept to come and ask me out - so despite being a so called player, how come he couldn't handle me? He shies away when I'm there, the staring, the teasing and the looking and keeping th friends to keep a tab, he's done all that - does that mean he is gettin serious or something. Also id like to tell you that he's in last year of college and I'm in my first.

    • It could do some guys can appear super confident around women they don't particularly care about and yet when they find someone they are really interested in suddenly become hesitant. I suppose they re reluctant to screw things up. The guy I was talking about earlier had plenty of one night stands when we were in college but once he met the girl he later married he only had eyes for her.

      The fact that he s leaving college this year could have a bearing on his actions he might think there is no future in a relationship

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