Why does this seem weird?

i don't know why but trying to talk to someone one the internet... like online dating. is that weird to do? do most people find it normal? the other day I get a message on MySpace and its guy saying he want to get to know me better and I usually don't respond to this type of thing until today so what should I do?


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  • 1) Random stranger

    2) "I want to get to know you better"

    3) My Space

    Okay... so here's the thing. My space is usually a horrible location for looking for dating. The kids around our age could say something on their profile, but in reality, they are actually someone completely different.

    I would recommend you take this new found interest (the guy) as a grain of sand. You have the fact that he would like to know you better, but he could be a rapist, murder, or several other things. (Consider the craigslist slayer news article)

    I would recommend if you decide to meet him that you make it after 2-3 weeks of talking online, and that you are truly interested in him. After that, try to meet him in a public place or with friends.

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  • Watch out. There are so many scams out there.

    its very unusual for someone genuine to randomly add you as friend of start chatting.

    However, I have made two really good friends online, both of them genuine and one of them did add me randomly on FB.

    So, just be careful. If he asks you anything about money or really personal stuff (like family or where you live), get suspicious.

    There are good people out there, and people worth getting to know.

    Last peice of advice. Get him to meet up with you sooner than later and meet up in a public place with good friends you trust along.

    Hope you've meet a nice one.

  • Remember your instincts: If it feels weird in your gut, it probably is.

    Trust your intuition


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  • Online date is hard

    1) They could be someone different then what there saying

    2) They could be talking to a lot of other girls that way

    3) Its better to date someone you can see other wise how would you know he has someone else

    But if you ever meet this person meet up at a place far from your house and make sure when you leave you are not being followed. Don't tell him where you work or what street you live. Sometimes these people can be stalkers. Just be careful

  • Well I have made quite a few good friends on the internet who are trustworhty and I actually was with one of them for over a year.

    Just be very careful as doggyDude said. Also usually if it says id like to get to know you better its usually not always but usually some sleeze, well in my experience anyway. Just be very cautios.

    Hope that helped