Why would she call out of the blue?

i dated my ex for 8 months and we were both very much in love. when she broke up with me I acted stupid because she was my first love and didn't know how to act. so she would still call me almost every day until I took her to a party and she kissed someone in front of me and I acted really immature and blew up. so 3 months later I called to say I was sorry for the way I acted and she said she wished we never met, so I wished her well and that was it. 1 month later she texted me that she was dating a model and she knows that I still have feelings for her and that she never loved me she just said she did because of drugs, which is bullsh*t. so I said OK cool. why would she call me out of the blue to say those things when she already said she wished we never met before that?


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  • Seems to me lyk she is trying to arouse you. She must not have much going on in her life if she is still focused on hurting your feelings. When she kissed someone in front of you then that showed that she lyks to be in the drama scene and it seems lyk she is starting up again with the drama. I would advise that if she texts again, I would just ignore it. Leave her ass hanging wondering if you even got the text and if so, why are you not responding back to her. If she was happy with her "model" boyfriend then fine, leave you alone and be happy, right? That's what you would think but once again you are dealing with a drama queen. Ignore her, move on and enjoy life, hope you find someone special if you haven't already! Good Luck!



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