My boyfriend woke up from a nap.

He started to give me an attitude. Acting all mad everything I would do and said he would act like I was the one that did something to cause his anger. So he just got up and said I'm going to Dr. I don't. Feel good and he left. I called and he picked up he acted very angry with me he asked me what I wanted very angry. I didn't do anything to him. I said I would live him alone. I called him later and he did not pick up. I have had just about enough with his treatment towards me. He came home very late and acted so nice very sweet he acted like he did nothing wrong. I told him not to touch me. I'm not going to let him treat me like this. He has no idea how much he has jury me. . O asked him the Dr. Name gave a stupid name. I said where is the medication he didn't want any he said. What do you guys think could he be dating someone else? I don't know how to explain his sudden change. I'm new to this site please share with me what you think? Thanks


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  • Sorry babe, but by experience, I know that the easiest way to get out of the house or away from the warden they will start an argument. I works every time because we as women are focusing on what we did to make them mad in the first place. He is only mad because he don't feel lyk he has to make a scene to leave the house and be with whomever he wants to, he's a man and he should be able to do whatever he wants. He comes back home all sweet because he has completed his mission and you cannot prove a thing. Be careful on how you decide to approach this issue, he is never going to tell you the truth but just know that you already have the information you need. I'm sorry to be giving you this advice and you are new to the site but if you ask a question it is our job to give our true feelings. Good Luck! ty-lady!


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  • Two things:

    1) We teach people how to treat us. If you don't communicate clearly what your boundaries are for his behavoir, he'll walk all over you. This means includes not allowing someone to be unnecessarily rude to you - just say "I don't appreciate your tone, talk to me when you've settled down" then walk away.. even if you have to walk away forever. This gives you power and his respect.

    2) Sometimes men have bad moods which makes us not want to be around anyone, even if we love them. Sometimes we need our "cave time" link .

    My advice? If he's being rude, walk away. If he returns make sure he realizes you didn't appreciate his behaviors.

    If he doesn't respect what you need or want then find someone who will - it'll save you a tonne of heart ache in the long run!

    ~ Robby

    My Blog: link

  • Who knows what is going on in his mind, but if he is unable to talk to you about it as an adult then you shouldn't put up with it, or him.

  • Duh, you were there when he woke up from his nap.. JK. Anyway, he sounds like an asshole. I'd get rid of him.

    • You are not very nice.

    • He is a ass " " you rigth

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  • perhaps he has a disorder. am guessing Bipolar Disorder? is he taking any medication. ?

    or perhaps he is addictied to some kind of med. !

    i would honestly avoid him for a while and when he is in a bette rmood I would suggest he goes to a psychiatrist to him, look up for good psychiatrists in town. perhaps that's what he needs...

    if itturns out that nothing is wrong with him then I would probably leave him cause elling and flipping out like this would make him a total loser and a jerk.

  • Honestly? Is he addicted to any drugs? Possibly a new addiction you're not aware of? My dad used to act like this when he didn't have the "proper relaxation medicine". He'd flip, to the point when you were scared for your life and you didn't know what you did. Then he'd leave come home after 10-13 hours from hanging out with his buddies, and suddenly act like he was the best dad on earth. Like nothing had happened earlier that day.

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