My boyfriend never invites me to hang out; I feel like it's always me calling him.

When my boyfriend and I started dating, he would call to invite me out for a concert, a movie, dinner, etc., but now I feel like I am always the one that calls to see what he is doing. I don't call everyday because I know everyone needs their space, but if I don't call him eventually, we can go for days without any contact. He always agrees to hang out whenever I ask, so I don't think it's that he doesn't want to see me. But, still, what's going on?


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  • He no longer has a grip of "attraction" that you feel when you are first approaching someone. That feeling makes men strive harder to make women like them. If a guy achieves his goal of dating that woman, he no longer has to strive as hard- but he sure as HELL better make at least a small effort.

    I don't know how your staying in the relationship if it is "that bad" but I would recommend recreating that spark with him and/or communicating with him on it.


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  • dont call him and see how long he will go without any contact. he should call you in at least 3 days if not then its not looking too good