Dating this guy who is still on the dating site we met on...!

Hey, My question is, is it OK or should I be worried that a guy I've just started dating/seeing is still on the dating site we met on & logs in to check his msgs?

We have only been dating for 1 week, & have had 3 dates so far. He says really sweet things to me & we get on great, as though we have known each other years! I did ask him if he had been online and he said yes, so he didn't lie about it which is good! But I have asked him if he will delete it now that we are seeing each other, he said that he will but got annoyed that I was asking him to delete his when I was still on it, so I deleted mine y'day & he said he was going to but he didn't.

It nearly ended y'day because he said he doesn't see the point if I don't trust him & keep questioning him (I do have a problem with reading into things & asking lots). He was saying how maybe we should forget it if I'm so worried of him hurting me! But then said "i like you so much, why are we like this, we know we want each other really etc.

We haven't slept together yet and he has agreed the time needs to be right for both of us, he has told me I'm the girl he wants, he is faithful & wants us to work. But he did say he has commitment problems where by when things get too serious, he gets scared of losing his freedom & backs off. Yet he told me that things are good so far, & normally by now he would have prob stopped texting etc, but it proves to him that this is what he wants & I am what he wants because that ain't happened.

So, should I be worried that he hasn't deleted it yet? What does it mean if he doesn't delete it? & do you think I'm worrying over nothing?

He also said, he never thought bout changing his Facebook status, but he's not going to change it after it only being a week that we have been seeing each other/ this normal too? I have wrote on his wall, & he hasn't deleted it so I don't know if its because he's got something to hide or not.


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  • Me, me, me. Methinks thou art replete with thine own self.

    About the dating site. You've given him enough cause for pause that he's keeping his options open.

    I had a girlfriend for four years. At first it was 95% good. But over time the remaining 5% grew to 95%. I suggested that she find someone else. She did. I got a new girlfriend; we've been married for more than 21 years.


    • Thanks for your reply. But what do you mean "You've given him enough cause for pause"? :-/

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  • Too soon to make all those changes actually. dating one week, 3 dates. Enjoy the time together and don't let this stuff get to you. He may be a paid member to this dating site and just isn't closing it yet. I had one date with a guy and we seem to really like each other and we're going out again. I'm constantly checking my messages on the site, etc. but I don't see that he is doing it. So I'm going to take it one day at a time and see where it goes. If its meant to be, it will be.

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