What should I do? Hang out today?

Hey I'm in a bit of a conundrum here. We had made plans about two weeks ago to hang out and go mini golfing today but This girl and I were supposed to hang out today but I tried contacting her yesterday but I didn't get a response. This is what happened

Friday: I called her at around 845 we talked on the phone for 30 min then I hung up because she was taking to long on hold and she texted me after saying sorry my mom was being a retard. So at 1230 (Technically Saturday) I called her again and no answer

Saturday: I Text her at 12 saying hey what's up. no response. then I call her at 4 no answer then text her saying your voice mail cracks me up lol call me when you get this I gotta talk to you. still no response.

So as of now are we still hanging out?

Its a good idea to not to contact her right?

because won't I seem desperate and annoying her?

and she initially said when are we hanging out and set a date and place and such
She also told me when we were on the phone she was going trick or treating then to a party yesterday since it was Halloween so idk
she poked me on Facebook today at 2;

an hour before our supposed hangout

So get this; after I decided I wouldn't contact her. I deleted her #, aim and fb about 7 months ago but less than a week ago she adds me on fb. I don't know what I should do. Like I want to talk to her and know why she never contacted me back
but I would feel that I would be disregarding what happened and I do not want to do that. I'm still unsure about going out again


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  • It's hard to say what is going on with her. It could be that she is having a bad weekend, or maybe she has bad social skills and decided to do something else without telling you, or maybe she's mad at you for some reason.

    Whatever the case, I wouldn't worry if I were you. It sounds like you are a pretty normal guy and you have everything right so far. You invited her well in advance to do something with you and you then called to confirm your plans. Once you do that, it is her responsibility to call you back.

    She is being very rude because she knows you are waiting around for her. You could be doing something much more interesting than wondering where she is.

    If I were you, I would try to have fun for the rest of the day and forget about her. If she later tells you that she got abducted by aliens or was at the emergency room, then make plans to go golfing another time. Otherwise, go and find a girl with better social skills who cares about you enough not to stand you up. Good luck!

    • Oh, I just saw the other comment from Rainbows. If you were calling her in the middle of the night, then I totally understand why she didn't pick up!

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    • I think she doesn't respect you. She might like you! I have found that it is never a good idea to date people who treat you this way. You just end up feeling bad all the time and wondering what you did wrong. There are plenty of girls out there who will respect you and who have good social skills. Go and find one instead of this girl!

    • Who have good social skills lol

      thanks =)

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  • Wait, 12:30, 12:00, and 4:00 AM? Why would you try contacting her in the middle of the night? That's stupid. She was probably asleep. If she woke up, and got your messages, she might have been bothered by the fact that you kept trying to call her in the middle of the f***ing night, but if I were you I would try calling her at a saner time, later today.

  • You've tried contacting her a few times and if she doesn't reply there may be a few different reasons for this.

    1 - from what you have said - she seems to be busy "she told me that she was going to go trick or treating" etc. so she may not hear her phone/not on her etc.

    2- her phone may not be with her - sometimes I forget to bring my phone along or I'm somewhere else in the house and my phone is in my room and I don't hear it. and when I do see it sometimes the time to call isn't appropriate - aka I'm busy or the time is late.

    3 - she just might not be one of those girls that call back (I know lots of girls/guys that don't tend to call back - and it's frustrating but you get that!)

    so all I can say is, seeing as you've tried about 3 times - don't try anymore, don't text, don't call. if she doesn't reply to any form of communication she probably isn't thinking of looking to hang out with you. if she was - she would have at least texted you back!


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  • This is my advice, don't take it the wrong way at all..

    the ship of not looking desperate has sailed a long time ago...

    Okay firstly,who plans to "hang out" 2 WEEKS in advance... what that signals is you're desperate. Let me guess, when you planned, she didn't have a "free" day to hang out.. I'm sure you did.

    You call on Friday, to confirm, okay... The best thing you did so far was to HANG-UP whilst you were on hold... You see how she responded to that, meaning you have to treat yourself with respect.

    Then you ranG her again, at 1230am, come on.. why ring at 1230 on a fRIDAY.. it means you got nothing to do on a FRIDAY, basically not a good look.

    Then at 12PM.. you draw your own conclusion what that signals...

    Then at 4PM... enough said..

    Then a text! ... basically being a puppy dog, "ur voicemail cracks me up.." to a person that treated you like sh*t...GROW SOME BALLS.

    I bet you didn't hang out.

    Forget that girl because you messed it up yourself, and move on and learn from this.. REMEMBER she only responded when you did something to respect yourself, believe me she knew your were on the line.

    Mate you need to respect YOURSELF, and not tolerate sh*t like that from anyone... Then people will respect you, regardless.

    • Yea that's some good advice and no I didn't hang out with her

      i just hung out with my boys today

      and the reason I did it two weeks in advance is because she said she's free on weekends and the nearest weekend I was busy so I did what I could

      and I think I did over do it with the contacting her because I just wanted this to go so well

    • Yeah, next time don't cut anyone some slack because you like them....

  • dnt go out with her unless SHE asks you out..

    keep it casual and nonchalant with her...

    Flirt with her a lot, tell her you used to like her and flirt with her a lot...