Guys why send messages through friends, just call a girl and ask her out.

guy flirts with me through text, Facebook. says he likes me ( all though noticed keeps adding girls on Facebook). his friends and family tell me he likes me, always bring him up in convo's, like o he said hi, or (his name) says what's up stranger. He knows I like him, but I just don't text him first b.c. couple of days of texting and flirting I think is enough for a guy to get balls and call me. I mean if you like a girl guys why not just freaking call her? or is that just a game, attention seekers. I don't get it. I told his friend tell him how about he calls me and then can say hi to me himself.


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  • cause they're too damn scared to ask them out. but for my case, I would call the girl's cellphone, but since I don't have her number and screennames, it's harder for me to keep in touch with her.


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  • Well the girl I like we seem to have no time for each other so I usually text her but not a lot cause I never get a text back. I usually don't call either because it seems like she always busy or at work or something an I don't wanna sweat her.

    • Idk I feel like if you like some one and want them, there is always time for that. You really can't be that busy say on a sunday? come on. or at night, text a call takes 10 min.

    • Well the I girl like has long shifts at the mall and don't usually get off til maybe 9? So it kills the weekends for us to do anything. I'm probablly at the bottom of her

    • Lol well go to the mall haha I still think if you really do want to b with someone priorities or not you find time, people text away at their jobs. I would just forget about that girl.

  • He's probably just scared cause he just really like you and doesn't want to screw everything up.

    • Hm idk. I would of thought he really likes me. but I gave him signs I liked him I said I did * which I neverrr do). I told him call me tmro he doesnt? and the whole Facebook thing I don't know if I should even take it seriously, adding girls and it non stop ( they look like me! same features). makes me think, just a player?

    • Well I would give him another chance. Us guys can be stupid sometimes. Lol keep giving him signs and try calling him sometime.

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