I want to fall in love, but I don't feel anything for any of the guys I'm meeting?

I used to get attached really easily, and now I don't feel any attachments/interest in anyone I'm meeting and dating.

I go on dates a good amount, they go well, they're nice, they want to see me again, but I'm not interested. I've given it time, multiple dates, I just hurt them.

I even slept with someone I'd been on about 12 days with to try to get attached. I thought he was nice, he's good, I like him. It didn't work, now he's more invested. And I'm still not.


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  • That's ridiclious. You can't fall in love with anyone u want to. It's your heart that choose. The first sign is: the first time u see him, it really takes your breath away

  • Well I think you need to stop looking for now... Make some friends and you will fall for a friend


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