I don't get what my boyfriend is saying advice please?

my boyfriend is being confusing, he said he loves me but wants breakup but won't see anyone else and get back with me later on but he's also saying he doesn't want break up with me im so cnfused i try talking him about it he doesn't really like talk about anything much, he just hangs up on me. just for your gusy information we have been through so much we been together for a year he promised me he was commited and would never break up with me so I do not understand, he says he breaking up cause he wants me change grow up but then he's also saying he stay with me but I still need to grow up if you want to know what all we been through how much I have done for him and him for me I guess let me know and ill add thaat please help? thanks <3


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  • What do you mean when you say you have been through so much?


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