Have a craving and desire to see this ex I haven't seen in a while but should I just forget about her ?

i meet her randomly a couple summers ago and we sort of dated back then for a bit then things went sour near the end of summer and she went off to college and meet another guy who she started to date and i remember when i first saw the picture of them on fb i was so jealous . so i didn't see much of her last year . and guy she is dating isn't from this town so he's not really around much . i saw her at bar this weekend only for a little bit and could sort of sense she wanted to talk to me but was holding back .

i also saw on her Twitter page she is coming back home for the summer and such . i just find her really attractive for some reason and though of having sex with her is something i can't get out of my head but i realise i may have missed my chance and she may be happy in this new relationship but i also sense she might still have an interest in me cause when we first meet she was the one who was more initiated things and was more interested in me than i was of her . as i at time though she was too young for me but then i became more attracted to her .


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  • If you see her again you can say hello but I wouldn't actively reach out to her considering as to how she's taken. That makes things more complex and I'd rather just suggest you back away unless she initiates. You can be friendly when you see her though. No harm in doing that :)

    • I had though about adding her on Twitter and seeing if she has anything to say , I saw on there she was having trouble finding a job for the summer so though I might suggest some ideas to help

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    • Don't jump to conclusions. And if she did do that then she is bat shit crazy and way too aggressive. Why would you want someone like that?

    • she didn't even reply that's all I saw after I added her that post in feed soon after. she is kind of like that was aggressive when I first meet her , she expected me to like do something rate away at bar and make a move as soon is I first saw her , she was expecting it to happen like rate then I was suppose to jump up and down and talk to her cause she was single back then

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  • No, a good friend of mine once said you never go back. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had listened to that advice. Don't try to recreate the past, look for someone else. And, yes, I know how hard that can be but you'll be better off for it.


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  • You think you haven't moved on?

    • I've meet many others girls since she left its just she was someone I found really attractive and interesting , there was something about her , looking back I guess I realise it was a mistake to let her just leave and meet that guy at college , I should of tried to fix things and have stayed in touch with her

    • Maybe you haven't fully moved on yet

    • I think part of the problem was my feelings for her were much deeper than I realised , well we only casually dated and hung out that summer I realise now I would of been interested in being in a much more serious relationship with her and I don't feel that I just want to have sex with her either

  • Maybe u just want what you can't have.

    • I agree I want her but not sure that's why , its weird cause there was a few moments back then when I could of easily had her and I didn't try and make things that serious. I don't think I just want her cause she's seeing someone else , I'd still want her if she was single

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    • Maybe i didn't give him enough challenge initially?

    • at the time I think we broke up because I had also been talking to this other girl her age who of course has also moved on and seeing another guy , she found out about the other girl when I tried to add her on facebook cause they were mutual friends

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