Help on what to do please?

So this girl was on a dating site. Before she found some one we talk and became friends on facebook. Well the other day they broke up and we were still friends. Anyway we began to messege and then she gave me her number. What the best way to ask her out? And also she posted a guy's pic saying her man crush Monday but he was on the phone. Do ppeople post friends also or could she be seeing him? I want to ask her out bet need help on what to do.


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  • Find another girl. She's into the other guy. Don't chase after someone if theyre showing interest in someone else. If she likes you, she'll act like it

    • Well, she texting me a lot and gave me her number. What would that mean?

    • if you want relationship tell her you want to be exclusive so she'll chill with the other guy if she wants to be with you

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  • She gave you her number, so pick up the phone and ask her out. It is more personal and you can get clues from her voice tone. Texting is overrated and can lead to misunderstandings. She will either say yes and then you will see how you go from there or she will decline and you will be free to move on. Either way you will have your answer and can stop thinking over and over about this

  • By simply asking her out, but I would do it by way of a phone call.

    • Would texting her asking to ask her a personal question and then say what's her relationship statues just hint or not.

    • You could do that as well, but I think a personal call is more... meaningful. It shows more confidence to me.

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