Guys, do you tend to like girls who are more on the tomboy side but still can act feminine?

I am a girl , i play softball , i skateboard , ride bikes , an love my jordans but yet i like to wear dresses , do my hair , and look pretty
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  • Amazing! 😍i love girls like this
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  • I rather stay away an stick to traditional females who act like their sex
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  • All the activities you mention show that you love doing lots of different things. They are activities that make you happy. Other people will want to hang out with you because you are fun.

    Never stop doing what you want just to conform to what society expects you to be.

    I like doing that kind of stuff too. I wish I knew some ladies with whom I could share those activities.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I love sporty and tomboyish girls, but I don't like so called "feminine side"... I prefer girls who wear jeans, t-shirts, shorts, sneakers etc.

  • That's a very specific scenario or "type" you have set up there lol. The real world doesn't work like this and people don't just go for cookie cutter molds of people like this, despite saying it on the internet all the time.


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