Where is this coming from?

I'm flustered over this man I've known for a year or so. He contradicts himself ALL THE TIME. Says he doesn't want a relationship with me... Yet, Lord forbid I hang out with another man, as strictly friends. Like I said, its been a year since it all started. Met at a party and been speaking and hanging out ever since. We recently hooked up and then he goes on this tangent about how he can't do a long distance relationship. I get it. I'm not too big on the idea myself. However, I was hanging out with two buddies of mine over the weekend. Put up a snap chat of the two of them dancing like fools. The next day I get an email from this guy acting all sorts of jealous. I told him I wanted to hang out soon and he goes "what, was Cody not enough for you last night?" He has been very clear when he states he can not have a relationship with me. But where is all this jealousy coming from? Does this mean he does want me or is interested in more than a fuck and just doesn't trust himself with a long distance relationship or is he just being a prick? Mind you, we only live an hour and a half away from each other.


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  • Hmmm. Difficult question.

    Sounds as if he does want a relationship but can't or won't for some reason, and you are right to be worried about the jealousy.

    • I don't know where its coming from. He's never once shown that side of him. But now that we've hooked up... Its like he wants to be with me but refuses for Lord only knows what reason. Honestly I would jump on the opportunity to be with him if it was laid out in front of me but he's made it clear that he don't want it. Now he's posting up all these sappy memes on facebook talking about the perfect relationship, or relationship goals, or about falling for someone. I don't understand one bit.

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    • Well, that's good. Maintain contact and give it time.

    • Is there anything I can do in the meantime to possibly change his mind about the relationship?

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