Guys, .. how would you feel if a girl you were talking to told you that she only has eyes for you?

Hello.. I've been talking to this guy for about a year and a half on and off..long distance.. we haven't met due to his relocation but he still visits his hometown which is about an hour and a half from me...Well this most recent time reconnecting HE initiated it.. and we've been talkin for about a month and a half..then he got distant for a few weeks..and he ended up telling me that he met someone a few weeks ago.. and i said.. "oh and my stupid ass only had eyes for u" and i think he was confused by this.. but for me its like.. if im talkin to u.. thats who im talking to.. im not looking elsewhere.. but i also understand his side of it..and i understand the distance is rough.. but i told him a few times i would relocate if we hit it off even better in person.. I don't know.. my story doesn't even have to relate to u at all.. im just wondering how you would feel if a girl that u kind of liked told you that she only has eyes for you?..


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  • It would definitely boost my morale.


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