Should I get a girlfriend before I lose weight?

I always feel like I'll have a better chance of meeting someone that's a good person. Someone who will like me for me. Is this a good idea? When do I go for it?
  • it doesn't matter
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  • date someone you can workout and lose weight with
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  • weight until after for a better selection
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  • do it before if she likes when fat shell like you forever
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  • Be honest with me. Does it matter to you if she is fit or not?

    • No, as long as she can do the activities I like she's perfect.

    • Well then it doesn't really matter. It is true that you are gonna be more popular with the ladies after losing weoght because naturally most women choose the guy who looks healthiest and more attractive. But if you want a girl wjo doesn't care if you are overweight or not, only way to be sure she thinks that, is get a gf now.

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