Should I ask her out tomorrow or...(read in details)?

On Friday I asked my crush out to go see a movie on Saturday. She told me she had plans. Today she told me she saw that movie the day I suggested. She liked it so much that she told me she wanted to go and see it a second time. I am very frustrated and sad. But I dont want to give up just for this. Im thinking of calling her tomorrow to hang out. Although her schedule for the next 2 days is a bit Im leaving in 3 days so we want go out then anyway. I will return in 1 to 2 weeks. Should I ask her out tomorrow or wait after I return? I was thinking if I asked her tomorrow would have a little benefit. What do you people think?


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  • wait wait wait wait wait! Don't be pushy with this girl it's a turn off

    • yeah thats what I was thinking :/

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    • Hi @arianna15 and a lot can happen in 1 - 2 weeks so try very hard to keep in touch for example if you have her phone number, facebook, email, Skype, etc. However, do not message her too often or the pushy thing comes back. Just let her know you're there and make sure she remembers you're coming back soon. If she meets another guy or something, you want to make sure you are still in her mind.

    • Yeah I was thinking that. Thanks!

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