Why are there only guides for flirting with or attracting or "getting" a stranger? Anyone have tips about courting someone you've known for a while?

I've noticed that whenever I read some "guide" about flirting or asking a girl out or whatever, it's automatically assumed that you've never talked to them before.
Which is kind of inconvenient for me, because I only consider asking a girl out after I've known her for quite a while.

So, since there must be some differences in the way you flirt with a friend compared to a stranger, do you guys have any tips about it?


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  • Is this someone you are friends with or just acquaintances? If she's a friend, it'll be easier to take those steps. Something simple like asking her to be your date to a pasty. If she's an acquaintance, take small steps by making her laugh a lo. No girl can resist a funny guy. Compliment her but not so much that she feels cornered. Then just ask her on a small date. If she's hesitant, retreat slowly. But honestly, if you are funny beyond measures and have her laughing over nothing, you're in. Good luck.

    • Well, I've known her since last summer when she started working where I work. We're friends, probably pretty good friends. She made sure she was my favorite coworker, we've hung out once about a week ago, and she seems to only talk a lot with me at work compared to the other workers. And yeah, we are almost always laughing, which is a major reason I like her.
      Often times, I'll just look over at her and smile, and she'll start smiling and laughing too. If something just a little bit funny happens at work, we just look at each other and giggle.

      Right now, I wanna ask her to prom, but I'd have to get her to hang out after school and she's actually busy a lot.

    • From the sounds of it, she likes you too. It'll be a big step on your part but I honestly think you're already in.

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