How to win an ex back after being a cold fish?

So.. I have good pickup skills and got a girl I was crazy about.. she was chasing me everything was good. parents didn't approve and we started seeing each other anyways. Made plans to move out. She was getting hot and cold but I think that was in response to me acting like I didn't care. she mentioned it a couple times but I couldn't fully read her so I just protected myself and acted cold all the time. She ended up breaking up with me and I hot emotional and I tried to convince her to stay she called me the next day asking for me back. I was so hurt from the night before I rejected her knowing it was also best for both of us considering the circumances.. but it was merely a sugguestion. I called her back two days later asking how she was hoping to talk about what the plan was. She was a bitch and stonewalled me. Once again I got emotional and reacted instead of acted. I blew up and told her I'm done and moving on.. I apologized the next day and said I've calmed down and I wish the best for her. She text me a couple days later and I asked her if we were done because she said after that fight I don't know if you want to talk to you abymore. She said I miss you but it's what's best for both of us right now.. I was going through the police academy at the time and just found out I have to re do the whole thing because I failed a test. I don't know why I told her that.. a month goes by and I had to talk to her a out background investigations something cops have to do and she might be interviewed and asked questions about me..

I ended handling the business she was really emotional and pissed off saying is the only reason you came? I ended up apologizing and i got emotional and got deep with herm told her just how I grew up and I've been fucked over by a girl before it's really hard for me to open up.. I said I want you and she said it's too late.. too much damage done. she brought up everything I did wrong in the relationship telling me everything that hurt her. I was tongue tied. Wrote her a long letter dropped it off at her work with roses.. she wrote back it was genuine and she said hopefully we can try this again when I move out of my parents house In a couple years. I could tell se was over compensating when I saw her saying I bounce back fast and all this other shit tlaking. I know she is still crazy about me but is just hurt.


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  • start out being her friend again and start from there.

    • If you were my ex what would think of me on how I handled that breakup?

    • I'd think you were human and u made a mistake. And I'd try to forgive you

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