Why dose he keep doing this?

today i was with my boyfriend austin and a boy named marcus that has a huge crush on me came up and started yelling at austin and hitting him. see austin and marcus use to be good friends until austin moved into the camp ground and met me and he told my mom that he liked me and she gave the ok that he could date me and he asked me out and when marcus heard he was mad and then one day after we had been dating for a couple of weeks austin kissed me which was my first kiss not his and later about 2 weeks later austin and i were alone and marcus and austin started fighting and then marcus said that if i really did love austin to kiss him infront of him and his 9 friends with him at the time and i did and then marcus yelled at me and left and of course i was upset and austin was doing anything he could to calm me down but marcus just keeps coming back and says that if i kissed him he would leave but i dont want to kiss him austin said its up to me whatever i want to do he dosnt care but i think he dose. so why won't marcus leave me alone and do you think austin cares i think he dose
im 16 its


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  • Does* fillerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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  • Clearly Marcus likes you and it hurts that his friend is with you. I'm sure he's told Austin that he liked you so the fact that Austin pursued you was a violation of Bro-Code.


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  • Honestly if you're boyfriend really cares about you and wants to be with you he should tell that guy to leave you alone and talk to him about it. Communication is key 😊


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