Does love really come when you least expect it? Or do you have to look for it?

I've been wondering if love comes when you least expect it and when you aren't looking for it or do you have to go out there and find a person to be with? I've had a couple relationships in the past but they weren't true love. I've never felt true love from a man yet. I've had the opportunity to see what true love is not. I've had the opportunity to see what a real man is not. But I have not been fortunate enough to meet a real man yet and feel real love. I hope to one day meet a man who actually loves me and is in love with me. I hope I'm blessed enough to experience that. Are you suppose to look for a partner or are you just supposed to focus on yourself and let love find you? Is it true that you find true love when you aren't looking for it?


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  • I think that love happens when you least expect and it's possible to come if you do nothing. Though, I believe that if you look for someone it'll come faster. Waiting is too risky.

    • I see. So should I walk up to random guys that I find attractive and just say something to them? Whats the best way to look for someone?

    • There are many ways, including the way you said. Just try to go out and meet new people.

  • Least expect it. Always best.


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