Guys, am I doing something wrong?

Hey guys just wondering what you think makes a girl attractive and maybe even date her. I seem to have no luck when it comes to guys and relationships :/ I've been in one that lasted 10 months and it was a bad one. Guys will talk to me and we'll end up texting every day for months, just getting to know each other. When I start to think that he is a nice guy to hangout with he stops talking. Just out of the blue stops. And I never hear from him again. Am I doing something wrong? Am I not attractive or not the type he wants? What??? Just wondering...


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  • It's not looks that's your problem, are you flirting with them or treating them like a friend?

    • It depends on the person. This happens to me from my friends and those i would like to date. To the latter, i do end up flirting tho but I don't know guess they're not interested or I say something wrong? Tho I wouldn't know what I said that turned them off?

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    • *sigh* :/ I am hopeless lol

    • You're far from hopeless, you just need to practice. Also lots of guys could be intimidated since you're very pretty.

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  • texting for months that the problem, its more their fault
    they are to chicken to make a move fast
    You should only text a girl like a week before making a move or trying to set up a date
    listen, you gotta leave an opening for them to make a move
    once they ask you on a date there should be no problem, you look good, its not your looks

  • Maybe make your move more quickly. My guess is the guys lose interest because you are spending months at a time without making a move. You should let them know your at least kind of interested.

  • Sounds like they are not interested in a serious commitment to someone of your caliber. Which is high. Absolutely. Yes.


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