Is this odd for a girl to say?

This girl that goes to my college has been dating a guy, but she refuses to say that she is in a relationship. That being said, at the same time she has been flirting with me. Today though, she said that I needed to find a girlfriend. Does anybody think this statement is odd and could someone explain this?


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  • Its definitely odd. There could be many reasons behind thi. But honestly, the more likely 3 options are A) She's not into you whatsoever and wants to see you with someone so you're not on her back. Or B) She KNOWS she's in a relationship (even while not admitting it) and doesn't trust herself around you. Or C) She's using the term "girlfriend" while referring to herself. She could very well want you. Which would explain why she won't admit that she has a boyfriend. Watch out for this one.


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