Confused about dating?

Me and this boy have been talking for a month.At first it was just talking as friends but about 3 weeks ago he asked me on a date.I said yes and the date was great!He asked me on the second date and I agreed!The second date also went great and he planned a third date. We have been on two dates and he said that he really likes me and can see us being together.He would text and call me all the time but now its rarely anything.I'm afraid he is tired or bored of me and doesn't want to date me anymore?What should I do? How should I feel about it?Help!
Well by rarely I mean I tell him good morning every morning then he tells me good morning and then I reply but then I get nothing.


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  • At least he's not trying to get into your pants. It could be worse. I think you should give it some time and then talk to him again asking are we going to go out again.


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  • It's okay to be worried or scared. When was thelast time he texted you? Make it a bit more clear when you say "but now its rarely anything"


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