Hey guys, would this guy do this to a girl?

Why would a guy get physical close to a girl? Situation: I had to ask my teacher a question before class started. My crush and his friend were the only ones in the room, and it was a pretty small room. When I walked into the room, I didn't see the teacher so I asked the guy where the teacher was. (Keep in mind it wasn't a noisy room, there were only 3 people) The guy answers me and starts rambling (which he's done before), but while he's answering me he starts walking straight towards me. What does that mean? Like I said it wasn't a noisy room, he and his friend were just chilling when I walked in, so it's not like they had to get up and go somewhere after answering my question. But he just randomly got up and started walking towards me while talking to me.


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  • He wanted to make a point and be dramatic, it's fun. Tutt Tutt, it looks like rain!


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