Keep getting flaked on. How can I stop it from happening?

Keep getting flaked on. How can I stop this from happening!?
Got flaked on by three different girls last month
And lowkey its starting to piss me off.
They all seem so hype for the meet up but then the day of I gets no calls or text back. Only way to get my mind off of it is to find more girls! Lol but they all keep flaking


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  • You came on to strong I guess...

    • Honestly could the be? I was taught confidence is key. But im not cocky tho

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    • Yeah women would most likely choose there kids over a guy even if he's the father of their kid. Next time you invite a girl. If she comes up with an excuse tell her if she's free on another day if she doesn't give you a counter offer she's not interested. Delete her number. To avoid flakes
      You: hey daisy are you free on Saturday I was thinking we should watch "movie title"
      I want to see what all the fuss is about
      Daisy: yeah cool
      You: just hmu
      You: hey daisy watch a doing?
      Daisy: nothing just laying in bed
      You: that wussup you talking about chillin?

      At that moment you know what she's doing she is most likely going to say yes cause she got nun else better to do.

      Daisy: okay
      You: cool I'll pick you up.

    • Yo im diggin that. Thats pretty dope ill take that into mind

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