Am I over reacting?

This guy seems to really like me. I know cos he told me and ask me out many times. I've sort of turn him down a few times and we still haven't gone out yet. I decided to give him a chance this weekend but I'm not so sure anymore given what is happening. He went away for the long weekend and never texted. I sent him a Happy Easter message never gotten a reply. I gave him the benefit of doubt as he was overseas. I've met him this morning in the parking lot (he work next door) and he wave. I called him and he seems busy and told me he will see me after work. I texted him to say Hey before I called him but the message wasn't sent til 30mins later. Now when I leave for work, I couldn't be bother looking for him anymore cos I feel like he's blowing me off. I'm not sure whether he left or was he still at work but his car was no where in sight. I was not happy how things turns out. Am I over reacting? Or did all of a sudden he just lose interest? He was making a lot of future plans with me before.


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  • Maybe you're overwhelming him with so many calls and text and yes girl 3 calls or text without a reply he's blowing you off I'll say stop texting him or stalking him they hate that cause they think you want a relationship ASAP


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