Guys, im confused about what he wants?

So i know this guy for 1 week.. everything was fine. But i find that this guy doesn't know how to roll the conversation. The way he text make me feel like he doesn't want to chat with me... but he is interested in me. We went out , everything was fine. He picked me up adn sent me back home.. but when its comes to whatsapp, he dont really continue the conversation... i have to break the ice.. what should i do? In order to let us chat for a longer time?


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  • i happened to be just like him, when i am not too familier with someone am all shy and couldn't chat with them for long time, give him time once he get used to you he will be normal

    • Pls read the comment below of what i had replied to master

  • oh don't worry basically... maybe he's not good in texting...:-)

    • So what should i do? Should i continue whatsapping him? When his not making the move? Or should i just ignore?

    • he obviously isn't comfortable with texting for now, so don't text him so much i guess

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