I'm really confused by this guy's actions?

My crush took me to an evening screening at the movies. The way he asked me made it sound like we were going together, only the two of us. He also let me pick the movie. But when I show up, I discover that he's invivted one of his male friends along.

I'm really, really confused. I was 100% positive he was asking me out on a date. Did he chicken out, or did he intend to go as friends from the start? A friend also suggested to me that he might have intended to set me up with his friend, but I'm not too sure on that.

We are in our twenties and he does have a reasonable amount of experience behind him, so I can't believe that he's oblivious to his actions.


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  • Really not enought info to make a defanant assessment. On the one hand he may have intended it to be a date , but later wanted an ex ape if things went south so he invited the third as an easy excuse to not have to share company past the movie. Or it's totally possable that it was to introduce you and said third. Either way he doesn't seem to be interested in advancing things with you in mind

    • I tried to keep my info minimal to avoid making a wall of text. But I can provide more if you are willing to help out further? It would be greatly appreciated.

      Aw, that sucks :(

    • I will do my best to help in what way I can. If you prefer to IM that's fine or just update here. Your choice

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  • A) he was unsure about you in some way. Either he wasn't sure if you two would mesh well or he got nervous so he called his friend for backup.

    B) He intended for it to be a date but something happened and he called his friend in at the last minute as backup.

    C) he never intended for it to be a date, although this was sort of like a test to see if he would want to date you.

    D) he neve inteded it to be a date and only sees you as a friend.

    Honestly, it's hard to say though.


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  • Maybe he's just shy or who knows maybe his friend insisted to go with him

    • He doesn't seem like a shy guy. I asked his friend about it too, and he was a bit confused as well. But thank you for your suggestions :)

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