"we're just friends!" do you believe it?

How do you guys feel about your significant other to text the opposite sex ?


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  • I personally am ok with my wife texting other guys , it's a trust thing in a relationship. If you don't trust your SO to be causal with others they text then in my opinion you shouldn't be with them to begin with. Distrust is toxic to a relationship , it is a destroyer only ; nothing good ever has or ever will come of it


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  • There is zero reason in the world for my gf or wife to be texting another guy. Guys are not friends with women. Straight guys will always want sex from the woman if offered. So unless this is work stuff and they are only texting about work, there is absolute zero reason for her to ever talk, go out with, or text another guy. Obv i am not talking about work chit chat.
    Just like I have no business being out with a female.
    if either wants to go out with someone like that, then the gf or wife best be with them. and they should have some PDA to make it clear they are together...


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  • My boyfriend has a couple of really close girl friends, and I have a couple of really close guy friends. We're both fine with it, and we text our opposite sex friends regularly.

    Trust is key - if you don't have that, why bother even being in the relationship?


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