A girlfriend and side chicks how to handle the situation?

My current relationship is going to its end cause my gf is leaveing. I don't want to waste my time once again with just one girl at a time so want to get a girlfriend for a long-term relationship while having temporary side chichk.
How to balance between them and how to manage the situation?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Get two phones.
    Don't let the side chick dictate your day.
    Don't let the side chick know exactly where you live.
    Keep her guessing
    Make sure your side chick does not use perfume
    only be with the side chick if you're 100% sure the your gf is busy.

    • Thank you man. Do you have more experiences to share with me? You can message me if you don't like to put it here.

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What Girls Said 6

  • You want us to help you cheat and be a scummy person? lol, no. Just don't get an official girlfriend and you can date however many people you want. Or get in an open relationship.

    • Its not cheating she would be my main girl even could be my wife in future means she is important to me. I am relationship type guy don't like meaningless dating want someone who I care for.

    • It would be cheating. You don't care for her if you're fucking a bunch of other girls on the side

  • Yeah, don't do that. Unless your girlfriend could have her 'side guy' which would then mean you have a shitty relationship.

    • No I don't like the idea she should be loyal to me.

    • Dude, could you do me a favor?

  • If you're not willing to be loyal, don't be in a relationship - or be in an open relationship where you're BOTH allowed to fool around on the side.

    What on earth makes you think it's somehow OK for you to fool around on the side in a relationship but expect her to be loyal to you?

    • Relationship is important to me and don't like open relationship because its disgusting and against honor to let your girl fools around.
      My situation is like a married man who loves his family but has a mistress see nothing happened she is just a mistress but family is important to him.

    • "disgusting and against honor to let your girl fools around"

      Ah, I see.. so you subscribe to the mentality that women need to be controlled by men.

      This ain't the 1950s bud - you don't get to set unequal expectations in your relationships. If it's OK for YOU, it's OK for HER.. if it's not OK for HER, it's not OK for YOU. Quite simple, really...

    • What is wrong with be controlled by men? women want powerful men like their leaders not weak men like themselves.

  • I have one question for you. Will it be ok for your girl to have side guys too?

    • No its not OK.

    • I have made my point here. Your are a hypocrite.

    • Its not a bout hypocrisy. For example imaging a successful married man who loves his wife and family but has a mistress see not a big deal family can still be happy but what if the wife wants to have a lover then family will destroy.

  • I hope your side chick shoots you

    and then I hope your girlfriend finds out
    and shoots your corpse

    • Side chick should knows her place well. And doesn't try to ruin the relationship of the guy and his girlfriend.

  • That is such a douche move... This is why I don't trust men...

    • I think until you are his main girl there is nothing to worry about.

    • I don't do sharing...

What Guys Said 2

  • Might as well she'll probably have dudes on the side

    • Not acceptable.

    • Girls as sluts you gotta expect it's gonna happen wether you like it or not

  • You're gonna have to figure that out on your own.


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