Not sure what to do about hot new girl at gym? I'm interested but not sure about it?

this new 20 something girl appeared at gym a few weeks ago , i have talked to her once but sort of an odd conversation , i though she looked familar and might of been related to another girl i know from town but supposedly she is from out of town and here for work and doesn't really know a lot of people in town. think all the guys at gym think she is smoking hot , sort of an exotic too as she's french european and not really a lot of french around here .

but i find her somewhat sexually intimdating even after i allready talked to her once at that gym , she wears these skin tight black yoga pants that show off her butt and legs that are absolutely stunning and think she has noticed that i check her out now and then . i feel she's a bit out of my league but after i found out she is new to town and not from around here and likely single and doesn't know many people in town think maybe i have more of a chance than i realise but not sure how to go about it ?


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  • You will never know until you try, ask her to have lunch or drinks with you.


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  • ask her if she wants to go for a drink some time as she's new to the area and doesn't know many people.

    Put it this way... if she says no or isn't interested don't get down about it! You don't know the girl! She could be a total bitch and doing you a favour lol.

    • she seems nice so I don't think she's a bitch , do worry she might think I just liked checking her out and not interested in getting to know her

    • Ask her out for a drink, that way she will know you are intrested in her

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  • "Say hey, since you are new to the area, would you like to go out some time for dinner and I can show you around if you are interested?"

    • but being a small town the options aren't that good for singles or that many options of places I could take her that be within close distance to gym , is a couple spots that might be an option but time wise food might not be a bad option as she seems to work out before super , I've seen her there around 4:30-5 ish

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