Will he date me sometime?

So, a guy is interested in my Twitter profile and has been dropping hints for the past five years. He tries to get my attention. He has never messaged/followed/asked me out. He tries to flirt in different ways.

He is getting engaged but he is still dropping hints he likes me (recently).

Would he date me ? Am I an option to him ? His relationships don't last more than 2 years.

P.S. he's an actor so he can't just come out n admit he likes me etc.


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  • y don't u pretend that u don't know he's engaged nd ask him out then?

    • i did. i asked him to the movies... he teased me back saying that he will go with his another actor friend. *he acknowledged i asked him out*

    • the guy is SHAHID KAPOOR

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  • Yes you are a option


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  • "P. S. he's an actor so he can't just come out n admit he likes me etc. "

    Why not? What does that have to do with anything?

    • i know. but i wrote a lot of crap to him (abusive) initially... he was seeing priyanka chopra (actress... exotic with pitbull)... i turned him away. now, he's like mad or bipolar he likes me or not. he cut his wrist last year (suspecting drug use)

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    • You both are. You deserve each other

    • i am just trying to make him feel better. he's having a rough time. bollywood is tough u know. indian culture is pretty critical.

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