Texting somebody in the army?

I met this guy a few months ago, and we really hit it off. He told me when we met that he was leaving soon for basic training in the army. We he left, we decided that we would try and keep in touch. While he was in basic training, we wrote letters back and forth, and now he is on to more advanced training and has his phone. We have texted back and forth a few times since he got his phone back, and I know he is super busy, but he hasn't been texting me back very often, and I can tell he has been on his phone. How do I ask him if he wants me to keep texting him without sounding insensitive or clingy? Thank you!


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  • He could be growing apart... needs to see you more often. I'd say you ask him if he's busy, or if he lost his phone. Hint it but don't say it outright.


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