Is it bad to like more than one person?

Even though I'm not in a committed relationship with neither guy, I feel bad for like two guys at the same time. They have two different personalities and I'm really cool with both of them. They aren't friends with each other but do know each other. They both liked me for almost a year and since I'm no longer in a relationship they're both confessed to me. I'm not ready for another long-term relationship and both of them are LTR-potential, I just want to see what's out there for me (was in a relationship for 19 months before my ex ended it).

Why do i feel so bad? I told them both I don't want anything serious and one has told me he felt the same plus he didn't have time for a relationship but has tried to kiss me and has openly told people he liked me. The other guy is looking but agreed to just go with the flow and he's confided to my bestie multiple times about liking me.

What are your opinions?
I've really been thinking and all of your opinions helped me realize that I really need to cap my feelings more than anything. I don't want to break a heart and I will let that be known, I don't want to be responsible for hurting someone because of my carelessness. I don't need their attention and that isn't want I like them for, I liked them as friends before any of this. There will be no friend zone or false hope. Nothing but the truth will be spoken. Thank you all for your thoughts.


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  • That's not liking. You literally are baiting both of them. It's clear they both want a relationship so stop wasting their time and tell them you have no interest. It makes no sense for you to be lurking them by giving them mixed signals. You can be just friends with guys that want a relationship. Cough* friend zone is messed up. You feel bad because you know you want attention. I'm new to this so rate/correct me if I'm wrong


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  • No, it's perfectly fine and normal. I have liked two guys at once before. It kind of sucked for me because my heart was conflicted, but you can't help how you feel.

    • Very true, only difference is one of them actively talks to me while the other likes to receive messages from me; that makes things a little easier to deal with but I'm still a bit torn. Thank you for your response :)

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  • I like lots of girls, though I'm not in a relationship. When I start one, I make sure we both agree that it is okay to like someone else. As long as you don't cheat on them, it's ok to still like someone.

    I don't know if that was confusing, but the answer is that it is okay to like more than 1 person.

    • One of them knows I like another person and the other one practically hinted to not wait for him though has rumored to try to make time for us... cheating wise that's probably why I'm torn because one tried to kiss me (but I freaked out) and the other is pretty much ready to kiss me if he sees me..
      Your answer is helpful it's not confusing at all, I really appreciate it :)

  • No, it's not bad. In your situation I think that the best thing to do is waiting until you decide which one you wanna choose, you know, make a well thought decision.

    • Waiting is good, both of them knew of my relationship and the aftermath so they're not rushing me thankfully. It'll be a while before I make that decision so one or the other may move on before then... we'll see. Thank you for your answer :)

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    • In other words, the more you wait the better it'll be until certain point.

    • Very true... this is most definitely a decision I shouldn't sleep on.

  • I admire many girls. Only the special ones get my attention tho. Then I see whose more into me. Then I share the love. Cause yea. Dats life.

    • That makes sense... sounds really simple and I like simple. Thank you very much for your answer :)

    • Simplicity is Tranquility. Brevity is Bright. Glad to have helped.

  • Just as long as you don't string anyone along.

    • I wouldn't do that, I would most likely be the one to get strung along. I know that they both have feelings and a broken heart is something I don't want to cause. If it gets to the point where one of them would get hurt, I won't choose either. I've already made it clear that I could possibly hurt them, I'm not perfect and I'm not the best person in the world.

    • Well I feel that not being picked by the girl/guy is always going to hurt, but it's nothing that is insurmountable in terms of getting over it. So it's kinda not fair to yourself to be putting their feelings before your own. You have all the right to mull over options, just as long as what I initially mentioned, not giving one false hope. You make your choice, cut ties with other, and everyone moves on.

    • Most definitely I'll keep that in mind, thank you really for your opinion.

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