Girls, I like this girl how to take her on date?

So I like this girl she work in clinic I like her and I want to take her on date how? she's serious and shy a bit

pls dont tell me ask her out directly this would be the last choise. So any idea?


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  • well you gotta talk to her at least or have her know who you are so what I'm about to say next won't be creepy. Leave her a cute note saying you think she's beautiful and you'll like to get to know her and leave your # on it.

    • I talked to her but nothing was personal it was just about some blood tests. I will go today and will see if I can talk to her like you're beautiful etc of I couldn't
      will send her flower and card the original creepy way hahaha. I dont like rejection face to face;) also I feel my chances very low to know her face to face bc she's too serious. However I'm 6.3 athletic nice appearance hopefully it work.

      My last choise will be the flower what you think?

    • Yes go for it!

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