If u was dealing a guy who used to like a distant friend of urs before you went out with him would U still love him?

Basically I used to talk to 1 of my girlfriends mates (they barely talk) on social media and she may of got the impression that I like her along with the fact I asked her to meet me twice. Anyways 3 weeks later I started talking to my now girlfriend on social media and after a few months we started going out(we met a few times before this) and now I'm starting to think that as she's a picture addict she might post a picture of me on her social which will cause her distant mate to talk about our "history" which I believe could jeopardise my relationship. So please answer the question please. by the way my friend and her distant friend go to the same school and are in the same year but just barely talk.


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  • This seems like it would be one of those situations where it would be smarter to just tell your gf about it before her friend says anything.

    • I was thinking the same thing but id like to tell her after a period of dating as I think tellin her within a month of dating may put her off me and it's not a sufficient amount of time for me to prove myself to her that I'm worth keeping

    • The longer you wait the bigger a deal she's going to think it was.

    • True good idea I'll bring it up to her in a bit thanks

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  • So he's not your friend and would reveal your past secrets to her to make you guys break up?

    • We were never friends. A mate of mine told me to talk to her on social media to see what I though about her and she may of misinterpreted it for me liking her

    • So you don't like her?

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