Kiss on the second date is expected?

So this guy and I are "dating" "talking" whatever people call it before it's official. We've known each other for 4 years, it was an internet friendship even though we had mutual friends we just never hung out or met in person until a few months ago. Well we didn't kiss on our first date (second time hanging out) but we hugged really long and then we were texting after and he was like "I should've gave you a kish" at first I was like 'what's a kish lol' but then I got it and I replied with "well too bad you missed out." Anyways so I'm guessing next time we hang out a kiss is expected? I'm like so new to this. My first kiss wasn't even from a crush it was by force by some creep 7 years older than me (I was 15 at the time). Then my second kiss was from my bf (at the time) but we kissed like the second week we started dating, mostly bc I was too scared to I don't know why haha and one day I just made myself do it. I mean wtf I was 17 haha how could I wait so long to kiss him? So yeah. I don't know what this guy expects from me I'm not nervous around him but he's 3 years older than me so I feel like I'm being a kid about this haha. I don't want to make out with him but I know once we kiss, the next step is to make out lol and so on.. I'm stuck haha I don't know how to act


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What Guys Said 1

  • yeah pretty much if there's a second date then that means that you 2 are into each other but it also depends on you guy's personalities me i usually kiss in the first one if everything goes great, but definitely leaning in that the second one

    • Well he said he didn't want to just go for it unexpectedly.. So I'm guessing the second date definitely

What Girls Said 1

  • I think a kiss may be expected from the guy next time you hang with him but if you're not comfortable with it then just let him Know. and the next step from kissing isn't necessarily making out, it CAN stop at just a kiss. Do what you're comfortable with and don't do anything you don't want! Don't be afraid to let him know these feelings too.

    • Well I hope we don't make out ha

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