What is too clingy in your belief Girls?

I had this girl I was dating for a while. She claimed she was with no one else. I believed her ,and I had deep faith in that. She had something horrible happen to her. I gave her space and left her alone,but she been in a deep depression because of it.(surgery). We were clearly passionate for each other,but she been so distracted because of her situation that she closed me off completely. She updated her relationship status to In a relationship. Before she was sending me kiss and blush messagew. I feel confused and unsure with this girl. I like her a lot ,and We had some inimate moments . I been texting her more frequently than she was to me in the begin. I would get a text from her every day before the incident with her deep depression. Slowly she had begin texting me less and less. Most words , She would text to thank me for my kindness and support. I Have been patient for several months. I have only texted her a few times. I really dont text her much, but when I have it been more than I feel neccesary.In the past , I want to do less texting to her. I want to get her to start chasing me again ,and I stop doing the chasing.She like to call me Dear or Honey. I am not sure where this is going. I have felt the need to maybe move on.Girls or Guy advice


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  • Time to move on. She sounds like she either found someone or has lost interest. I guess you were there for her to help and support her and that was all. I'm unsure about the intimate moments you guys have had, but if she is calling you dear and honey it's pretty much on a platonic level

    • it been hard to determine, she has sent me mostly sad text message. I ask her how she is and I got a depression message. she has trouble eating.

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    • I hope she wasn't toying with you and leading you on. She does sound like she was pushing you away. But I guess she didn't want you to get so close to her that she could hurt from it. You could always ask her face to face. That's the only way you can know the truth

    • Thank you for MH :)

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  • Sounds like already has moved on, and clearly you should too. I would say she values your friendship, but isn't interested in pursuing much else.

    • I feel manipulated, why do girls do this?

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