I really like this guy online?

By a web cam chatroom and then Skype nothing happend so it's not what you're thinking!;)) and I really, really like him. We started chatting on Sunday night and we talked for hours and sort of just stared at each other. Sadly he's in a different time zone. when its night its day for him and vice versa.

He mesaged me earlier to respon to my message which was I can't wait to talk again, and he said 'Me too, I like you' and I said' :) I like you too.

THat was like 10 hours ago and I really want to tlk to him. I'm not sure if i should wait until he messages me...but Im worried that if I dont say something else we won't talk again.

What should I do?
He's very beautiful too, I think I'm in love. Seriously :(


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  • If you are in a different timezone how are you going to meet him... In person?

    • he would visit me im ok with Skype.

    • im talking about now though*id have to make it that far:)

  • Really.. Is it possible.. O. o

    • yeah;) wanna give some advice?

    • Yeah avoid roleplaying in Skype.
      N don't send him any nudes

    • right crazy as it sounds none of that happened for once lol I met on what I've said thats why im nervouse

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