Trust in Fate or Take Action?

Met my dream guy and he is drawn to me as well, BUT his ex is pulling him back with all she has got! He asked to be plutonic, becuase he doesn't know what to do - go with the new girl he really hit it off with or give the ex of many years another go? She is threatening to move here to make it work with him, once she graduates in May, but he is not even sure they could make it work. Still, he is not 100% emotionally moved on.

Do I just wait and hope he and her don't work out, or do I give him a reason to make up his mind?! Meaning, spend plutonic time with him so that he is reminded of his other option? What to do???
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  • I say take action. BUT yes as you say stay a good friend. Don't become the plutonic friend to talk about his feelings about being unsure with his ex.

    Try and keep his mind off it and do fun things.
    But also give him space and go a bit off the radar or he may feel so confused he shuts you both out.

    But to be fair, if they were good together there are still feelings for each other, they may have broken up for a silly reason etc .
    Then it's kinder to not try and jepordise this. So subtlety is the key.
    Imagine if a few months down the line you changed your mind or it just didn't feel right, when the whole time they could have been in a good relationship for life, which wasd quashed by him getting with someone else and her moving on.

    It's hard to say. Anyway you too could be great friends either way.
    Oh and she isn't threatening to move closer haha it's threatening to you maybe x


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  • It's always risky getting involved with someone who hasn't completely moved on from their ex but definitely give it a go if that's what your gut feeling is telling you.

  • Give him a reason to make up his mind-for sure! Sometimes trusting in fate is not the best you can do. Life isn't always fair.


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