How will she take it?

Ok so I like this girl and we've just hung out last sunday. Well I was just wondering if I should ask her to watch the new episode of the Office (YEAH NEW EPISODE) at my house or is that weird. I mean considering its a 30 minute show I'm not sure what we'd do afterward considering my parents are home and my dad makes one helluva awkward conversationalist. I don't know I'm not one of those guys that likes to move "fast" in relationships but do you think it would just be considered as a "hang out" or would she take it as a "date-esque"action?


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  • I don't think that would be weird at all. But maybe a little awkward when the show is over. Get some movies or something and order food. So it doesn't make her feel like she just went there for a 30min show. If a guy asked me to do that then I'd probably think it was just a hang out. Because your feelings for her aren't publicly known yet.


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